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Tally Connect Software imports various types of vouchers like Sales Vouchers, Purchases Vouchers, Bank statements, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, E-Commerce, and Payroll Vouchers, and masters like Ledgers, Items, and Stock Journal into Tally Prime or Tally ERP9.

How to import data from Excel to Tally Software?

1- Prepare your data in a template by copying & pasting or by smart mapping 

2-Validate Ledger, Items, Vouchers & Auto Create using TallyConnect software

3- Select template & start importing. After successful import, check data in Tally

Excel to Tally Import Ledger Master

Whats is Ledger Master

A ledger is the actual account head to identify your transactions and are used in all accounting vouchers. For example, purchase, payments, sales, receipts, and others accounts heads are ledger accounts. Without a ledger, you cannot record any transaction. (Ref: Tally Solutions)

Whats operation we do with Ledger masters

  1. We can Create Ledger In Tally 
  2. We can Alter Ledger in Tally 
  3. We can Delete Ledger in Tally 

How to import ledger masters from Excel to tally software?

Step 1- Put Data In Template Using Smart Mapping

Excel-Tally software provides you smart data mapping functionality, that helps you to copy all your data from your file to a template without any mistakes. 

or simply copy-paste your data column-wise from your sheet to the software template file.

Step 2- Now Select Ledger Master Template In Software & Click Import

Open Excel-Tally Software, it will shows you Dashboard here you can select company in which you want to import data.

Now All set just select template file in software using  LEDGER MASTER Button & Click on Import Button,

check the software dashboard it will show you Count of Ledgers Records created.

check in tally all your records are imported successfully

follow Same 2 step to Alter ledger master using Excel-Tally Software

You can Import ledger Master with Following details

GST details

You can import ledger master with GST number, Registration type, Name, Address with state city country 

Personal Details

You can import Name Alias,detail address, Contact Person, PhoneNo, MobileNo, Email, Website & more

Balance Details

Your can import Debit Credit Opening Balance of Ledgers Also  Credit period & Cost center details if needed

VAT ServiceTax details

You can import ledger master with VAT TIN number, Service Tax Number, Address with state city country 

Tax Ledgers in details

You can import Tax ledger with Tax Rate as CGST, SGST, IGST, Nature of transactions & Applicable date 

Ledger Group wise import

Your can import import Ledger master in specified group name with Alias Name 

Excel to Tally Software is ultimate software with ultimate features