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Tally Connect Software imports various types of vouchers like Sales Vouchers, Purchases Vouchers, Bank statements, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, E-Commerce, and Payroll Vouchers, and masters like Ledgers, Items, and Stock Journal into Tally Prime or Tally ERP9.

How to import data from Excel to Tally Software?

1- Prepare your data in a template by copying & pasting or by smart mapping 

2-Validate Ledger, Items, Vouchers & Auto Create using TallyConnect software

3- Select template & start importing. After successful import, check data in Tally

Excel to tally Prime import Amazon, Fipkart data

Excel to tally import E-commerce Voucher with Following details

Invoice details

You can import data with Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Bill ref number & invoice Voucher Type.

Buyer Details

You can import data with Buyer Name, Address, state, City, Country & GSTN with place of supply

Consignee Details

You can import data with Consignee Name, Address, state, City, Country & GSTN with Destination

Dispatch Details

You can import Sales voucher with Delivery Note, Delivery Date, Doc No, Dispatched Through and Destination

Order Details

You can import data with Order No, Order Due Date, Tracking No, Other Ref Number,Mode of Payment

Transporter Details

Your can import  data with Terms of Delivery, LR/RR No, LR/RR Date, Vehicle No

Stock Item Details

You can import data with Item Name,Item Desc, HSN CODE, Godown, Batch No, ExpiryDate, MFG DATE, QTY, UOM, Item Rate

Tax & Other Ledgers details

You can import data with 25+ other ledgers & Tax ledgers with Auto Creation options in single invoice or multi invoice mode 

Cost Center & Narration

Your can import data Party ledger link with Cost center &  Cost Category, Also import Narrations in single or Multi invoice mode 

Can Import Multi Currency data using Same voucher Template

You can import Multi Currency data in same Voucher template by Providing Amount , Foreign Currency Symbol, Rate Of Exchange

follow Same steps to import Flipkart MRT data
using Excel-Tally Software