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Tally Connect Software imports various types of vouchers like Sales Vouchers, Purchases Vouchers, Bank statements, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, E-Commerce, and Payroll Vouchers, and masters like Ledgers, Items, and Stock Journal into Tally Prime or Tally ERP9.

How to import data from Excel to Tally Software?

1- Prepare your data in a template by copying & pasting or by smart mapping 

2-Validate Ledger, Items, Vouchers & Auto Create using TallyConnect software

3- Select template & start importing. After successful import, check data in Tally

Excel to Tally Import Payroll Voucher

Whats is Payroll Vouchers

Payroll is simply an aggregation of total amount of wages paid by the company to its employees. It is one of the most significant expenses for businesses; hence it is very complicated expense for companies to process. Processing payroll slips is a very time consuming task and can be prepared weekly, semi – monthly or monthly depending upon the resources which the company has in its reserve.

You can Import Payroll Voucher with Following details

Employee details

You can import data with Employee details as 

NAME, ALIAS, Department, Designation, EmpNo, Date-of-Joining, Date-of-Birth, Gender, Blood Group, Father’s Name , Spouse Name, Address, Address2, Address3, Address4, Address5, Phone Number, Email Id, Bank Name, Branch Location, Account Number, Income Tax No, Aadhar No, UAN, PF No, PRAN, ESI No, CATEGORY, BANK IFSC Code 

Attendance Details

You can import data with attendance details with VCH-NO, VCH-DATE, PERIOD, Voucher TYPE, NAME, 10 + Head columns, with 10 + Working Days columns, NARRATION

Payroll Voucher Details

You can import data with Payroll Vouhcer details with 

Voucher Date, Voucher Number, Voucher Type, Employee Name, EMPLOYEE CATEGOGY, Payroll Bank, INSTRUMENTDATE, INSTRUMENT NUMBER, TRANSACTIONTYPE, BANKNAME, ACCOUNTNUMBER, IFSCODE, NARRATION, 15+ Ledgers Columns, with 15+ Amount Columns Bill Name, Bill Ref Type, Bill Amount

How to import Employee Master data from excel to tally using Excel-Tally software

How to import Payroll Vouchers from excel to tally